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About Us

The Zione team is recruited and selected for attributes that cannot be gained by taking a class, reading a book, or passing a test. Our average team member has decades of hands-on experience in the technologies you depend on to keep your doors open and to grow your organization.

Our team was engineered to provide our customers with a blend of deep technical skills, in multiple industry sectors, and a focus on helping our customers balance Quality of Service (QoS) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as they use technology to solve business problems.

As an organization, we engage in continual process improvement: Assessing and reassessing how we engage to enhance flexibility and to minimize our customer's risk. You can call on Zione whether you need a single resource to enhance your team, or a complete project team, with automation tools, that can independently provide an end-to-end solution.

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Zione Mission

Our Mission

We use Information Technology to solve business problems, enabling our clients to achieve and maintain a technological and competitive advantage

Zione Vision

Our Z-Edge™ Vision

To be the most valued and dependable consulting services provider to our clients

Zione Core Values

Core Values

  • Respect for individual

  • Conduct highest level of integrity and business ethics

  • Unrelenting quest for quality,

  • Client focused

  • Commitment to teamwork

Zione Z-Methodology

Our Z-Methodology™ Practices

We understand Client requirements, to help support, inspire, and nurture long-term partnerships as we address all mission-critical essentials through our IT consulting services.

Zione Z-DNA

Our Z-DNA™ People

We take pride in our distinguished & extraordinary work force and aim to help them continue to develop both personally and professionally

What we do

Zione enables its customers to focus on, and grow, their core business by increasing predictability and decreasing risk.

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