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Zione Solutions has defined and created specific "expertise tracks".  These tracks help you understand the body of service work we deliver for your specific need(s).  At Zione we continually share our wealth of knowledge and experience with the IT community. No one provides the same focused level of accuracy and experience as Zione.

Visit this page often to access our latest presentations, newest white papers, and cutting-edge tips & tricks from our Oracle ACEs, that will help you maximize the value that you receive from your investment in Oracle.


Graphic Shapes

Quick reads to find out about something new.

When we encounter something during an engagement that we want to share with the community we write it to our blogs.



Conference presentations go deeper than a blog post and contain a wealth of information and examples that will help you keep your skills current.

White Papers

White Papers

White Papers are deep dives into a single topic. Frequently we write something to our blog and receive an email asking us to write an in-depth article on the topic.

This is where you will find background, explanation, and code demos.


Graphic Shapes

We welcome you to join us for these upcoming events! For a complete list of events, be sure to check out our Events Calendar.

Keep up-to-date with upcoming conferences, presentations, and other events.

Oracle ACE Forum

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Through our Oracle ACE forum, you can join our Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors to draw from their wealth of experience and expertise in all things Oracle.


Now, you can finally get the answers you want and need about your Oracle Databases and Applications.

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