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The best way to support our customers is to understand and focus on what is important to them, by increasing QoS and decreasing TCO. Many organizations have peak periods (Cyber Monday, Black Friday, School and Insurance Registration periods, Quarterly financial reports, etc.). Other organizations need to focus on security compliance (HIPAA, PCI, GLB, STIGs and DFARs, etc.).

Our team knows more than IT. We understand business and what drives success. When you talk to our team feel free to ask about more than just Oracle, ask how we can impact your operations and help drive your success.

Zione Industry Focus and Offerings


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Zione Solutions designed a High Availability and Disaster Recovery production architecture for solving a business requirement for the Client. Zione designed a totally redundant high-speed RMAN backup solution, using multiple threads and connection channels to...


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Zione Solutions was engaged as an expert in database security for audit compliance, and in a preventive measure to protect against security threats and data theft. Zione Solutions implemented a solution for audit compliance using Database Vault, Audit Vault, and Database..

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Zione Solutions implemented the then-largest Oracle-on-Oracle payroll system from Sun Solaris to Exadata. Implementation included design, configuration, migration, and upgrade for a move of clients. This included a PeopleSoft Tools and App upgrade for Financial...



Zione Solutions provided the client with Database Migration upgrades, performance tuning, and setup & configuration for a client with multiple international properties.

The delivered solutions emphasized high throughput and faster response time...


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Zione Solutions provided services for Architecting, Designing, and Implementation for Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) for 2300+ remote production client databases.


This allowed for client's database applications to be upgraded with no downtime ..


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Zione Solutions is a trusted vendor for Government agencies at the Federal, State, and Local levels; providing a variety of IT Professional Services including Database Migrations, Oracle Engineered Systems, Tuning & Optimization, and Security Consulting.


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Zione team members bring their decades of experience to their work. The Z-DNA™ contributed to our team includes decades of experience in mobile telecom with acquisition of McCaw Cellular & North American network traffic, optimizing first petabyte-sized Oracle databases.


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A key member of the Zione team on regular basis provides expertise in aerospace-defense that extends over 30 years. Meeting with the head of  Oracle related to security at the world's  largest aerospace-defense contractors discussing STIG implementation, exploits, data spillage, non-repudiation,...

Public Sector

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The client engaged Zione Solutions to Install & Configure Data Guard, and perform an OBIEE assessment on proper use and configuration of tools and performance. Key recommendations and tuning features were presented, along with a step-by-step playbook for Install & Config.

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