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Database Assessment

Zione recognizes that your Databases and Data are some of your most valuable assets. Zione offers comprehensive Health & Security Assessments for your databases, to ensure they are providing you the maximum return on investment and that those investments are being protected from all known security threats that would otherwise threaten them.

Zione’s Health Assessment is a deep dive that covers many hundreds of individual vital metrics and compares them with Oracle Corp. recommended best practices. Your database health assessment can translate to improvements to scalability & performance (increase QoS), and a regular tune-up can lower management costs and potentially reduce licensing through optimizing CPU requirements (reduce TCO).

Zione's security practice does not compete with what you already do; it extends Defense-in-Depth into the database by providing your organization with the information you need to implement Zero Trust Architecture. A Zione Security Assessment will show you how to make your Oracle Databases immune from all known Ransomware attacks.

Zione Assessment Z-Methodology.png
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