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Zione and RackWare Address Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery Challenges

Increasingly, organizations rely on their technology infrastructure to support their business, so they need to minimize downtime. In response, Zione Solutions and RackWare created cloud solutions that meet Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) metrics, so vital corporate information is protected, and a business is back online ASAP.

Zione Solutions, an Oracle Cloud Partner, simplifies legacy system migration to the cloud by combining its database architecture, security, and application tuning expertise with RackWare’s top-of-the-line migration and disaster recovery solution. Zione Solutions’ team of cloud experts, who average more than 20 years of experience working with Oracle products, collaborate with enterprises to deliver cost effective, quality solutions that withstand the test of time. Working with RackWare, their resilient cloud services deliver high levels of automation that streamline business processes, increase productivity, and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

By adopting these services, organizations improve their performance in many ways:

  • They gain visibility into, and control over, their system infrastructure.

  • They often lower operating costs.

  • They leverage Information Technology to solve business problems and achieve a technological and competitive advantage that translates into fiscal success.

  • They have peace of mind, knowing that their computer infrastructure empowers their business.


Together, Zione and RackWare create flexible solutions optimized to lower costs, reduce risks, and provide customers with a safe, proven path to their preferred cloud environment. With it, customers focus on their core business, do what they do best, and make a significant difference in their markets.

For more information on how Zione Solutions can help your organization implement migrations to the cloud while delivering industry leading disaster recovery capabilities, contact us, or contact RackWare here.

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