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Anyone can install, or install and migrate an Oracle product; simply click next, next, next.  Zione will optimize your environment to ensure the overall configuration is stable, performance is optimized, security enhancements are provided at the database level and much more.

Cloud Lift & Shift Plus

Cloud Lift n Shift-opt.jpg

Lewis Carroll wrote: "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." If "the Cloud" is where you are going you need to give a lot of thought to choosing the road that will bypass the traffic jams, potholes, etc.

Learn Zione's Services offerings for "Cloud Lift & Shift Plus"... 

Parachute Services

Skydivers Holding Hands

Army Rangers and Navy Seals have never rescued a down production database: Zione's Parachute team has.


Our Parachute team can engage in minutes and decisively defeat even the most stubborn issue through application of our Z-Edge™ root...

Managed Services

Modern Office

To improve QoS and control TCO you want to work with an organization flexible enough to meet your needs, rather than impose generic tiers.


We will customize a package specifically for you.

Oracle Database

Computer Programming

Our database team is led by senior technicians, each with decades of specialized hands-on experience.

If you have decided that you don't want to migrate past issues into your new environment: Call us.

Zione Balance Services

Rock Balancing

The successful deployment of information technology is a matter of balancing competing requirements.

Zione's primary mission is to help customers find the optimum balance between increasing QoS and decreasing TCO.

Oracle Applications

Business Meeting

Your E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and other applications are some of your organization's most valuable assets. Outages and errors are not an option. Lose them and you might as well lock the doors and ...

Licensing Assessments

Analyzing Data

If you license Oracle software, then you must be familiar with the complexity of license audits & contract renewals.


Find out how to leverage Zione's deep technical expertise for full confidence in your next licensing assessment.

Zione AIR


Organizations have finally come to realize that expanded analytics capabilities payoff in the long run.


Zione AIR - Analytics, Integration and Reporting can aggregate your data, plan data input expansion and streamline your ability to use your KPIs. 

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