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Mon, Oct 25




Michigan Oracle Users Summit Monday, October 25, 2021 through Thursday October 28, 2021

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Time & Location

Oct 25, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT – Oct 28, 2021, 4:00 PM EDT


About the Event

Ric Van Dyke is an Oracle Ace with over 35 years of experience in the IT industry. Coming from a 3GL programing back ground he started working with Oracle Version 6 as a developer with Forms 2.3 and became a DBA at Ford Motor Credit. He then worked at a variety of companies as an independent consultant. Ric worked for Oracle Corporation for 10 years, starting as a core database instructor where he taught and developed several courses. He became the Education Manager of the North Central Region. Ric then served in the Advanced Technologies Services consulting group as a Technical Manager where he worked with several clients doing RAC installs and performance engagements. Ric worked at Hotsos for over 13 years where he was the Education Director among other roles. He is now a Senior Database Administrator at Zione Solutions. Ric frequently speaks at user group meetings.

Leaping Tall Building with SQL

SQL is a magnificent language. And like any computer language it’s only as good as the code you write. While it might be easy to write code that gives the correct result set, sometimes code that is optimal appears to be tricky to find. Learn from Ric’s many years for experience optimizing SQL on how to go about optimizing your code. You will learn how to find what is making your code slow, and identify scaling issues in your code. Finding the real issue as to why your code isn’t working as well as expected is critical. Fixing the wrong part of the code just leaves you frustrated. Once you’ve learned how to identify problems, you will learn about techniques to avoid these issues and have better faster code that can leap over tall buildings in a single bound!

Mike Gangler is a senior database specialist and architect. He’s also an Oracle ACE with expertise in database reliability and architecture and a strong background in operations, DevOps, consulting, and data analysis. Mike has spoken at many user conferences and webinars and been working with many fortune 500 companies, utilizing his database and architecture experience.   He has also been technical consultant on many books including Oracle's PL/SQL book and tuning books.  He is also has contributed to many articles in widely public Oracle and database magazines.

Usage of Oracle’s Free tool—APEX

Are you in an environment that has more than ten databases with multiple environments and technologies?If not, you’re lucky. However, this session can help you along with the DBA with many and multiple databases and environments. This presentation will attempt to gap the usage of Oracle’s Free tool—APEX—with normal database operations to organize and gather information from your database and identify performance, backup, and utilization patterns. This won’t replace Oracle’s OEM and AWR warehouse but act as a first step to understand where to look in the OEM or other 3rd party tools.This application can be used by DBAs or managers who want to understand the database resources that are currently used (total CPU, memory, etc.). Plus, it has multi-tier and department usage and can be set up by any level DBA.

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